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Stanford University
S.331, James Clarck Center
318 Campus Drive
Stanford, CA 94305
Phone: +1-650-307-2053
E-mail: lukasz.kidzinski [at]


A note on estimation in Hilbertian linear models

Siegfried Hörmann and Łukasz Kidziński

(Scandinavian Journal of Statistics, 2014)

Dynamic Functional Principal Component

Siegfried Hörmann, Łukasz Kidziński and Marc Hallin

(Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series B, 2014)

Estimation in functional lagged regression

Siegfried Hörmann, Łukasz Kidziński and Piotr Kokoszka

(Journal of Time Series Analysis, 2015)

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CS-411 Digital education & learning analytics, fall 2014, EPFL

STATF407 Stochastic Models, fall 2013, ULB

STATF407 Stochastic Models, fall 2012, ULB


OpenSim Reinforcement Learning
Reinforcement learning environment for teeaching a musculoskeletal model how to walk
Convert your photos into art using deep neural networks
Experimental learning platform
Send us your 3d full-body scan and get a tailor-made shirt for free - data science signpost
My blog about various problems in data science
freqdom: Frequency Domain Analysis
R package with implementation of algorithms from my PhD thesis and related techniques, February 2015
Inference for stationary functional time series: dimension reduction and regression
PhD thesis (mathematical statistics), October 2014, english
Statistical foundations of recommender systems
Master's thesis (mathematics), September 2011, english
Sweets Recommender System
February 2011, english
Application of the language Objective-C in mobile development, case study
Master's thesis (computer science), December 2010, polish
HEPI communicator (thesis & movie)
Bachelor's thesis (computer science), june 2009, polish, (co-authors: P. Bedyński, A. Matan & K. Celińska)
On Gluskin Theorem
Bachelor's thesis (mathematics), September 2008, polish
A small game written during my geeky primary school years, 2001, polish

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